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During my 14-year real estate investment banking career in London, most recently as senior director at Rothschild & Co, I have advised real estate borrowers on more than €20bn of debt transactions across both unsecured and secured structures, public bonds to private placements, investment loans to developments loans, and rating advice.


As an independent debt advisor it has not been about selling a bank product but instead tailoring a capital solution based on the strategic objectives of the borrower and thereafter finding the optimal debt provider. 

Following the global financial crisis, alternative debt providers have in Europe gained significant market share and now comes in all shapes and forms, including from pension and insurance companies, sovereign wealth, and credit funds who all provide a much-needed complement to the bank and bond market.


In contrast, the Nordics remains highly domestic, with a few dominant banks and a domestic bond market. The liquidity risk is apparent, and it is not a question if but when the Nordics catch on to the global trend. 


Teal Capital has sold the Nordic credit story abroad and supports our debt partners in relation to a tailored Nordic credit strategy, each complementary to the other in order to offer a diverse range of financing solutions.

We strongly believe in diversification and not here to replace the domestic banks and bond market, but we are here to provide a beneficial and diversifying relationship.


I am fortunate to have the support of senior advisors who bring wealth of experience in the local market and together we aim to harmonise the best of two worlds. 


I look forward to contributing to a more diverse financing market and building strong and long-term relationships with local borrowers.

Jakob Dahlstedt

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